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        Henan JianQi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Henan jianqi medical equipment co., LTD., founded in 2009, is located in changyuan, henan province. Located in central plains, convenient traffic. Our company is a based on high-end...


        JIANQI Gill

        Improvement is the style of Gigi people

        The pursuit of excellence is the goal of gill

        • Honor

          A perfect quality management system
        • Display

          All kinds of production workshops that meet the requirements of GMP
        • Video

          Show the grace of the people of Jian Qi


        We are proud to move towards the world

        • medical macromolecule series
        • non woven series
        • medical kits series
        • Civilian products

        • negative pressure indicates drainage bottle

        • reinforced endotracheal tube

        • simple breathing apparatus

        • oral pad(medical bite block)

        • One-time use of oropharyngeal airway

        • plastic tweezers

        • endotracheal tube

        • viral filter-HME

        • two way endotracheal tube

        • oxygen anesthesia mask

        • disposable high frequency electrode

        • disposable laryngoscope

        • disposable anesthesia breathing circuit

        • disposable sterile dispensing syringes

        • disposable sterile vaginal dilater

        • disposable atomizer kit

        • Disposable suction tube kit

        • disposable sputum suction tube

        • disposable nasal oxygen tube

        • disposable suction connect tube

        • disposable suction connect tube component

        • disposable drainage bag

        • medical silicone laryngeal mask

        • medical teeth pad

        • disposable anorectal stapling device and components

        • disposable tube - type stapling device and components

        • disposable breathing filter set

        • disposable arc - shaped stapling device and components

        • disposable endotracheal tube set

        • disposable straight line cutting stapling and components

        • disposable straight line stapling and components

        • functional endotracheal intubation

        • Macromolecular fixation bandage

        • Medical orthopedic Splint

        • PE gloves

        • chitosan dressing

        • diaposable sterile latex surgical gloves

        • disposable latex examiantion gloves

        • medical infusion posted

        • non woven adhesive wound dressing

        • gauze bandage

        • sterile cotton piece

        • sterile gauze piece

        • medical cotton pad

        • medical cotton swab

        • medical cotton ball

        • medical absorbent gauze set

        • medical gauze pad

        • medical absorbent gauze swab

        • disposable hole towel

        • disposable caps

        • disposable surgical gown

        • disposable medical face mask

        • disposable towel treatment

        • disposable bed sheet

        • disposable medical pad

        • disposable medical wraping cloth

        • medical protective face maks

        • medical surgical face masks

        • medical disposable protective clothing

        • chitosan care umbilical cord kit

        • disposable blood dialysis dressing pack

        • disposable skin preparation kit

        • disposable lancing auxiliary kit

        • disposable maternity set

        • disposable change dressing kit

        • disposable angiography surgical kit

        • disposable oral it

        • disposable abortion set

        • disposable surgical set

        • disposable stomach check aid kit

        • disposable sterilized urethral catheterization set

        • baby care umbilical cord kit

        • Single use anesthesia puncture care kit

        • Single use nasal feeding nutrition package

        • Cervical cancer screening kit

        • Disposable central venous catheter care kit

        • one-time use ENT examination package

        • Disposable pain care kit

        • PM2.5 protective face mask

        • healthy care socks

        • compressed towel

        • chitosan mask

        • paper stick cotton swabs


        • Contacts: Ms. Jin
        • Mobile:0373-8690789
        • After-sale:18790559967
        • Sales :0373-8690666/8690999
        • Email:hnjq2008@163.com
        • Address:Changyuan County, Henan Province

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